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An Afternoon Chat Russian Painters

Efrem I. Zverkov

Zverkov studied at the Surikov from 1947-1953. His tutor was V. Efanov. He was awarded the State prize in 1975. In 1981, he was awarded the title of People’s Artist of the USSR. From 1977-1993, he was Secretary of the Board of the Artist’s Union of the USSR. In 1981, he became a member of the Russian Academy of Arts. He also became a member of the Presidium of the Academy of Fine Arts of Russia. Since 1997, he has been Vice President of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts. He has shown in major exhibitions around the world.

His work is included in numerous books including:
A Dictionary of Twentieth Century Russian and Soviet Painters 1998
Art in the Soviet Union 1978
Efrem Zverkov 1998
Efrem Zverkov Artist 1978
The Russian Landscape 2000
The Russian Character 1986 (Back Cover)
The USSR Academy of Arts 1982
Soviet Painting 1913-1973 1976
Land and People 1982
Artists of the Russian World 2004
Artists of the Russian World 2005
Moscow – St. Petersburg 2001
Art of Nations 2002
Russian Impressionism 2000
Painting Exhibition – Zverkov, Mitchry – Sorokin 2001


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