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Russian Art

Aleksei Sokolov
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Alexei Sokolov 1922-2001
Alexei Sokolov is a well known member of the Leningrad School. A professor in the mural painting studio, who served as Dean of Painting at the Repin from 1978-1983. Sokolov was awarded the title of Honored Artist of Russia in 1981.

Sokolov’s work was influenced by his time in France in the early 60’s, Rockwell Kent who Sokolov painted with in trips to northern Russia in the 1960’s, and the iconic Andrei Mylnikov who Sokolov painted with for over thirty years.

Kent always said he would like to see Sokolov paint in America but it wasn’t until years after Kent’s death that Sokolov had an exhibition in the U.S.

Oil on Canvas 15 x 19 ½

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