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Freshly Fallen Snow

Jones Fine Art Newsletter
January 2005

After nearly ten years of studying and selling Russian Impressionist Art, it's strange to find it's now the "in" era to study and collect.
Art and Auction magazine writes that the art world was surprised because the art only came to light in the early 1990's.  Historians were convinced that the artists only produced works that glorified Mother Russia since that was all you would see at exhibitions.  (That was all the artist's union would accept, plus it saved a vacation to Siberia.)  When the wall came down, they discovered wondrous canvases that the artists painted for their own pleasure. 
A and A also predicts that Russian Art and Asian Art will power the international auction houses over the next decade as more books and exhibitions drive more collecting. 
In the U.S., the current exhibition at the Smithsonian is creating a "buzz" in both the art community, as well as the diplomatic arena. 
The Russian Ambassador used the Smithsonian exhibition as a way to introduce Russian Art to 150 senior executives of fifty major U.S. corporations.  He feels this art will correct inaccurate stereotypes of the Russian people.
The Russian museums have promised more cooperation with touring exhibitions in the U.S.  The Museum of Russian Art in Minneapolis is developing three additional traveling shows in conjunction with Russian Museums.
With all that said, we're still buying the best art we can find.  We have an excellent arrangement with Phyllis J. Weston-Annie Bolling Gallery at M. Willis Fine Art & Design in Oakley.  Phone 513-871-2100.  We are working closely with the gallery and will maintain a changing inventory there. 
Needless to say, the new-found importance of the art, the stronger Euro and the American, European, Russian, and Chinese collectors are driving the top artists' prices higher. 
We think the market is just now in its infancy, even though our early collectors have already experienced significant joy. 

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