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Jones Fine Art Newsletter
November, 2004

Due to our move, it's been a while since we published our newsletter. Our first show in Cincinnati was in the gallery at Maple Knoll Village. The show received excellent press and we had well over one hundred people attend the educational programs. We have also scheduled a joint show next year with Camille Pissaro's grandson, Claude Bonin-Pissaro.

On December 4th, we will open a Christmas show of Russian Art at Phyllis J. Weston-Annie Bolling Gallery at M. Willis Fine Art & Design, 3235 Madison Road in Oakley. Phone is 513-871-2100. Annie will also carry a small selection of Russian works on an ongoing basis.

Bob Garren is still able to bring great works out of Russia but the landscape is changing.

Even though Russian law prohibits any works over fifty years old from leaving the country, the ministry of culture is widening their control. They have stopped any works by several of our artists from leaving the country because they are cultural treasures. Bob is there now negotiating for fifty works he had to leave on his last trip. The ministry wants to have works by these artists available for Russians to purchase.

The Chinese interest in Russian art continues to intrigue us. We've seen continued books and research by the Chinese museums.

The artists are visited regularly by Chinese dealers and curators. One of our artists, Nikita Fomin, was invited to China for a solo show in September. He nearly sold out.

We think the second generation Wal*Mart millionaires are more comfortable investing in Russian art versus European or American. In December, China will begin their first art and antique auctions with Chinese locations for Sothebys, Christies, etc. They expect Russian art to make up some portion of their sales programs.

In the U.S. market, the Smithsonian will open a significant show of 20th Century Russian Art. It is jointly curated by The Museum of Russian Art in Minneapolis ( and the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. "In the Russian Tradition" will be on view from December 15th through March 20th at The Smithsonian's International Gallery. This exhibit will enhance the public's understanding of the quality of these artworks.

Steve has two articles in the current Arts Across Kentucky magazine. He writes on Cynthia Hoskin's scanner art (The works are reproduced beautifully in the magazine) and has an editorial on how art is valued.

We are also progressing with the Cher Schaffer Show at the Cincinnati YWCA in March.

At this time, we will remain private dealers working closely with Annie Bolling. We're also working to add Chinese text to the Jones Fine Art site. A billion Chinese can't be wrong.

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