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Jones Fine Art Newsletter
July, 2004

It was a sad passing when we closed the shop in Maysville at the end of June due to our move to Cincinnati.

The shop had turned into a country store for art without the pot belly stove. Most weekends and many days, artists and friends were congregating, talking about and even buying art. As Martha would say, "That's a good thing!"

Our last four shows - Cher Shaffer, Penny Hoskin, Jim Collins, and female Russian artists - received excellent press throughout the region. We have been contacted by collectors from around the country.

The opening of our first show in Cincinnati was attended by over 100 people, plus we had over 120 people at the two lectures. We have also been asked to do one more lecture at the close of the show.

The show at Maple Knoll Village, includes nearly 80 works in oil, watercolor, etching and porcelain. The show runs through August 20th and was sponsored by Graydon, Head and Ritchey, a local law firm.

While Linda unpacks boxes and looks for gallery space in Cincinnati, we will continue to work as private dealers and will be available by appointment.

Jim Collins' major new work - Limerick Herd-has been installed. If you are in Limerick, Ireland, you can't miss it. Also, Cher's work is included in the current show at the Kentucky Folk Art Center in Morehead. We now have video copies of her TV interviews.

The top Russian artists continue to expand their international reputations. The Chinese and Russians are both competing for the top artists' works for private collections and their museums.

This has created what we consider some very interesting market dynamics. First, there is significant international interest in quality art. Second, the Euro is up 25%, which affects everything. Third, the Russian ministry of culture now feels the works of many of the artists we sell should stay in Russia for Russian museums and collections. Today, no work over 50 years old is allowed out of the country. They want to change that rule to 25 years old.

On the other side of the issue - our artists and their heirs need an open market. We'll see how it all plays out.

Our new phone number is 513-231-5315. Call if you have questions. We have an excellent selection of high-quality works.

Our new home address is 6966 Royalgreen Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45244.

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